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How to Disarm a Bully!

How to Handle Bullies by Stephen Dyson
(About The Author)

Dear Reader,

When we think about bullies, we usually conjure up a mental picture of a bigger kid stealing lunch money from a smaller kid.  Or maybe the "jocks" yanking a wedgie on a freshman.

If you're a woman, the picture will change a bit to portray the "popular" girls laughing at another girl as she passes them in the high school hallway.  Whatever the scenario might be the underlying message is perfectly clear.

It's always someone having to be "more than" someone else.  Maybe you experienced bullies in school and have your own painful memories.  If you are a parent with school age children then this fits right into your wheelhouse. 

A bully always has to be "better than" anyone else.  He/she always has to be "more than" anyone else.  A bully must always be "in charge" or at least appear to be in charge.

It's interesting that while we can all agree that the majority of us can relate to any of the above mentioned scenarios, we fail to see how that "bullying technique" has carried through to our adulthood. 

Stop for just a moment and think about your current work and social life.  How is your situation at work?  Is there that one obnoxious person that insists upon being the center of attention?  And, does this person do so at the expense of others?

Or maybe the occasional golf partner who is always making excuses for his poor performance.  Maybe it's that the course is not well maintained or that other player distracted him or her. 

You see, bullies are everywhere.  And sadly, we give them their power!  Yes, we actually feed their need for control and allow them to hold sway over our words and deeds.  What a waste of our time and energy!

Are you ready? Are you sick and tired of being sick and tired of bullies holding power over you and those you care about?  We aren't talking about the playground here, folks.  We're talking about real life.  Isn't it time to take control?

You Can Do It!

Yes, you can.  Put at end to bullies having control over your life.  How can I do that, you ask?  We have the solution for you. While it isn't the end all and be all at least you can learn how to hold your own and not abandon your principles.

Ask yourself these three questions:

1.What if you could protect yourself from bullies?
2.What if you were able to learn how to deal effectively with a bully?
3.What if there were a way to learn the basics quickly and painlessly?

Well, you can and it isn't as difficult as you may believe.

How to get started!


You can find lots of books and other information that might help.  However, when it comes to actually applying the knowledge you gain most instructions fall short of helping you.

What you need to know is exactly how to apply the knowledge by someone who has been there and done it.  Someone who won't just feed you theory but give you real life information that will get you from here to there quickly.

What you need is our guide called "How to Deal With Bullies!”

and some of the best parts are . . .

  • It's written by a regular guy not a shrink - it’s easy to read.

  • It's comprehensive and gives just what you need to get started.

  • It's not costly – you'll laugh at the price.

Our author has created a thorough guide that will help you learn how to take control and polish up your communication skills. Understand that it proves you CAN do this. Take a look at what you'll uncover:

Learn all about protecting yourself from workplace bullies.
Find out about the reasons for bullying.
Discover how to make yourself bully proof.
How to learn and identify cyber bullying.
Use the knowledge to overcome the myths about bullying and more!

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